What is the Foster Care situation in Arizona?

Arizona currently serves about 14,000 children in our Foster Care System. Reasons for removal vary from homelessness, abuse, neglect, and the lack of basic resources to care for the family. In the past few years, AZDCS has put family preservation teams in place as an alternative to removing children from the home when it is deemed as a safe home but the family still needs assistance.

Who does Thrive AZ help?

Our main goal is to serve the biological families who have been separated or are in fear of being separated due to the lack of basic resources to care for the family. In addition, we serve the Aged Out young adult population in need of assistance. To see an example of the families that we serve, CLICK HERE to check out our video from one of our clients. To learn more about our Aged Out Transitional Housing Program, CLICK HERE.

How do families and young adults get connected with Thrive AZ?

A caseworker through the Department of Child Safety or another agencies that work with the families or young adult must submit an Agency Referral Form. We then will reach out to families and young adults from those referrals. Our main goal is to partner with the caseworkers to help families and young adults receive the tools they need to THRIVE! CLICK HERE to access the referral from. 

How can people volunteer?

We are a volunteer driven organization, and we need you! There are many ways to get involved! We want you to be passionate about where you are volunteering in our organization! Check out our “Get Involved” tab above to see all the ways that you can get involved including volunteering!

What are your greatest needs?

Financial support is key to enabling us to serve even more Arizona families. Through our safe sleep initiative, you can provide a bed for a child for a $100 donation. If you are interested in our transitional housing for Aged Out, you can support a move-in for a young adult with a $500 donation. If you are interested in supporting Thrive AZ financially, please CLICK HERE.

Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, sheets, pillows, and blankets are always a need for our families. One way to partner with Thrive AZ is to host a collection drive for these types of needs. If you are interested in hosting a collection drive through a business or organization, CLICK HERE.

Do you pick up donations?

Yes. If you have items to donate, CLICK HERE to make arrangements for the donation. You can also drop off items at our office location at 14202 N 73rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85381 or our thrift store at 2205 E Eugie Terrace, Phoenix, AZ 85022.