Thrive AZ runs on the help of volunteers! We are so thankful for faithful and committed people who help in our every day operations and events!

Volunteer Opportunities

Office/Warehouse – During our office hours, we have donations coming in and orders going out to clients. We need assistance in preparing orders, sorting donations, following up with clients, etc.

Thrift Store – Our thrift store, Thrift 2 Thrive, is a great way that we fund our Safe Sleep Program. If you enjoy thrifting or shopping, we could your help! It is located at 2205 E Eugie Terrace, Phoenix, AZ 85022.

Age Out Mentor – At Thrive AZ, we have young adults in our Aged Out Transitional Housing Program that we love to pair with a mentor!

Events – Not available during our office hours? No worries! We have events throughout the year for Back to School, Christmas, and more. Check out upcoming events here.